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Let’s put some context around this craziness…

[written 3/20/20 about the coronavirus pandemic]

First, let me give you a virtual hug. In these days of social distancing I miss the closeness and affection of hugs and cheek kisses. (I’m half French… cheek kisses are important!)  Hugs are very healthy for us… except under these unusual circumstances.

I hope you are staying well and calm. Fear, worry, panic, anxiety, despondency all drain our immune system… just at a time when we need our immune system to stay as strong as possible.

I thought it might be helpful to put some bigger-picture context around this pandemic and the related disruptions it’s causing in life as we knew it. It’s the unknown that causes the most stress, and having some context takes a little of the uncertainty and feeling of “free fall” out of the picture.

The context I’m referring to is the 2027 Solar Plexus Mutation that Ra Uru Hu foretold. [continue reading…]


Resource: There’s an Art to “Possibility Thinking”?

Here is a GREAT resource for helping you have an awesome life that you love (which is both my motto and my mission!).

A dear friend gave me a copy of this book while we visited together during a recent trip. As much personal development work as I’ve done, I had not come across it yet… which really surprised me.

It’s truly a gem.  [click the title below to learn more, read reviews, etc.]

The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life

by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander

This husband and wife team draw from their combined growth and success in both personal and professional arenas to bring us a practical manual for generating and applying “possibility thinking” and creativity in our lives.

This can change your entire outlook on life, relationships, and success. They offer 12 “practices” that turn problems into possibilities which open the door to inspired solutions.

An uplifting and transformational, as well as practical, book.

I plan to incorporate many of these concepts into my own coaching programs—that’s how much I like this book!


[If you choose to buy the book from the above link, I may get a tiny commission from Amazon.com’s affiliate program. Please rest assured that I only recommend books and programs that I believe have great value and integrity and that I have personal experience with.]


Resource: Born Messy, or Just Need Help Getting Organized?

My friend and colleague Dana Rayburn specializes in helping ‘Born Messies’ get organized and stay that way.

She is a confessed Born Messy herself. After gradually figuring out how she could get and stay organized, she spent 10 years as a Professional Organizer getting lots of experience helping others.

She is also someone with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder). Her self-organizing efforts have helped her live a calmer, happier and more productive life. So she evolved her coaching practice into a focus on helping adults with ADD or ADHD develop effective coping strategies in their lives… and get better organized!

And she’s written a great ebook called Get Organized for Life!

This book is written to help anyone get better organized and put in place the habits and mindset necessary to stay organized. That’s the hardest part.

I read the book in one day and started putting her simple methods into practice immediately.

Dana’s book is an enjoyable read with a very practical approach to a tough topic. She knows that most people have trouble tackling big messes of clutter and disorganization. So she makes it completely doable and even almost fun.

This isn’t a bunch of organizing tips. It’s a simple, systematic approach to shifting your behaviors.

I’m not really a Born Messy myself but my systems have gotten very overwhelmed in recent years and my organized behaviors have been slipping. Get Organized for Life! is perfect for me, and I’m already seeing results in my home and office… and in my behaviors.

There are those who are Born Organized and easily live an organized life.

There are those who are Born Messy, who need help to get and stay organized. Then there are a bunch of us in the middle who need help, too. This book is for the Born Messies and all the rest of us in the middle.

Meet Dana at her website: http://www.danarayburn.com/

Learn about and order her ebook here:


I only recommend people, products and programs that I am familiar with and trust.


Resource: Set Yourself Up for Success!

The place to start is by DREAMING and ENVISIONING what you truly want.

Daydreaming is a GREAT way to spend some of your tropcial islandprecious time! Make an appointment with yourself for some creative imagination time. Conjuring up and picturing in your mind what you’d like to achieve, who you’d like to be, and how you will feel when you have all of that is time very well spent.

Start with a broad stroke dream: a clear vision of your ideal life and how you would feel living that life.

Also have a more specific dream: what you would love to accomplish in the coming year and what you will be/do/have/feel as a result of that.

Now you can set specific goals and time-based milestones, IF that approach is effective for you.

Or, if you’re like most of us, goals are more frustrating than helpful–so you’ll want to set some powerful intentions.

Here are two articles I wrote that can help you set powerful intentions for success:

When you believe you are limited, you are. When you believe your possibilities are limitless… they are!



Resource: The Abundance Manifesto

Here is excellent support for increasing abundance and flow in your life… repeat out loud daily for best results!


The Abundance Manifesto

from Karen Curry Parker

1. I am a radiant, magnetic Being.

2. Abundance is my birthright and my natural state.

3. I attract everything I desire into my life with effortlessness and ease.

4. I know that unseen loving forces are supporting me constantly.

5. I focus my attention and energy on having exactly what I want manifest in my life.

6. I am fully open to the magic of the Universe helping me with every step of creation. Miracles happen to me every day.

7. I am deeply grateful for all of my life experiences. I know they are helping me expand my thinking and my consciousness.

8. My positive emotions show me that my attention is in alignment with my desires. I am on my way to creating exactly what I want.

9. I surround myself with people who support my creative process.

10. Abundant opportunities are always presenting themselves to me.

11. Creation is a constantly evolving process. I am always doing it right! I am always growing and changing!

12. I take guided actions that are in alignment with my desires and beliefs.

13. I am fully supported, deeply loved and magnificently powerful! I am an unlimited Child of the Universe.



A different kind of community support…

A friend shared this link and I thought you might enjoy it, too.

It’s true “food for thought” in terms of what’s possible in family and community support for each individual.

My favorite line is: “The tribe recognizes that the correction for antisocial behavior is not punishment; it is love and the remembrance of identity.”




My Training for a Half Marathon… and the lessons I learned!

It’s amazing what we can learn when we set a goal that seems far above our current abilities: we go through the process of achievement through trial, error, adjustments, and persistence.

Over about eight months, I prepared myself for a half-marathon that took place in January 2013, at Walt Disney World in Orlando. I’d never done anything like this before: 13.1 miles! It seemed—when I started—like an insane undertaking; and looking back, it still does!

By my writing down new strengths I’ve discovered—the weaknesses, too—and then tossing in some accountability by opening myself up through sharing all of it with the world, well, the experience itself became a personal adventure of the highest value.

Here are just a few of the things I’ve learned along my journey: [continue reading…]


Excellent Personal Development Work

Learn about Jay Fiset and his 3-day workshop called “The Gift” here. I HIGHLY recommend this program if you want to quickly unravel the patterns and behaviors in your life that keep you stuck and keep you from truly thriving.

This program combines beautifully with self-knowledge from Human Design to form an exceptionally powerful foundation on which to build YOUR transformed life.  Tell Jay that Evelyn sent you! (I receive NO compensation for referring you)