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Series: Fears of the Spleen #1 – Introduction

We all have fears that occasionally stop us, slow us down, or knock us off track completely.  If you know when the Fear Gates of the Spleen are transiting and affecting all of us, you can confidently navigate these challenges and move through them with ease.  Understanding these gates will also help you manage them if they are defined in your Human Design chart.

While the focus of my online work and private readings with clients is providing uplifting and reaffirming explanations of chart energies, it’s truly useful to understand these Splenic Fears—so you know how to handle them.

In this Fears of the Spleen series, we will explore all seven Gates/Splenic Fears in the order they occur as the sun progresses through the 64 Human Design Gates.

It turns out that all 7 Splenic Fear Gates occur one right after the other from late September through early November every year!

No wonder Halloween happens near the end of that run.  <wink wink>

To get the most from this series, you’ll first need to understand how the sun transits through the gate energies affecting us all, and also understand Splenic Fears in general.  [continue reading…]


Celebrity Chart: Elon Musk — is there such thing as a billionaire’s chart?

posted 2018/09/17

When I see super successful people in the news I often wonder what makes them tick, and specifically if there is something in their Human Design chart that makes them different from you and me.

Elon Musk is one of those people–a successful billionaire entrepreneur running multiple companies who is actively (even aggressively) trying to move the world toward the future with luxury electric cars and ambitious plans for commercial space flight and colonizing Mars!

[continue reading…]


Article: Timing… is it really “everything”? (A quick look at manifested, generated, and projected channels)


They say it’s “everything”… but is it really?  What do you think?

More importantly, what has been your experience with timing, and with waiting for the right timing… or not?

Can Human Design help us to be better “timers”?

Human Design not only teaches that timing is crucial for most of us, it gives us the specifics of how, when and why to wait for it.

Thank goodness.

Like me, you probably saw evidence of the need for good timing long before you happened across Human Design.  But, like me and so many of us, you weren’t quite sure how to manage it well.

ENTER Human Design!  Let’s specifically explore the distinction between manifested channels, generated channels, and projected channels as they relate to timing. This distinction is not talked about much in Human Design texts and teachings but it’s a very useful distinction to understand and apply. [continue reading…]

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New Group for Reflectors! Explore and grow with fellow Reflectors

I recently reached out to a colleague, Leslie vanWinkle, who is a Reflector and a Human Design Specialist, about creating an opportunity for Reflectors to be together and learn together.

She is excited and moving forward with putting together an online group where Reflectors can:

  • come together and support each other
  • learn how to decondition and release the influence of other people and the environment (without getting overwhelmed and hijacked by the energy of others), and
  • explore how Reflectors can step into their unique role in service to their communities.

If learning more about (and possibly joining) this group is something that appeals to you, please send an email to:
Leslie vanWinkle at  humandesign4lm@gmail.com   (the “lm” in the address stands for Life Mastery)

Leslie has created a Facebook group that is open to Reflectors and family members/loved ones of Reflectors, with more events in the planning stages. Input and co-creation from group members is welcomed!

She has a handout that is particularly useful for Reflectors, which she will send to you along with directions for how to join the Facebook group. (Just give her a few days; as a Reflector, she follows her own internal timing).

In your email to Leslie, please tell her a bit about yourself.  For example:

When did you learn you were a Reflector?  How has that affected your life?  Have you had a Human Design Reading yet?  What’s your biggest challenge as a Reflector (or as the ally of a Reflector?

She is looking forward to connecting with each of you and inviting you into the group.



Support Group for Projectors! You’re invited to the Empowered Projector Movement

If you are a Projector (or love a Projector), please join our ongoing discussion group about how to be an empowered Projector.

Sandy Freschi and Robin Gallob (fellow Projectors) have teamed up with me to create a safe space to explore what really supports and makes a difference for Projectors.

This is the first public appearance of the Empowered Projector Movement — an idea I’ve been quietly nurturing for about a year now.

The group is open to Projectors and those who love Projectors.  It’s completely free and there is no obligation.

It is a closed Facebook group, so you’ll need to click the link below to request to join.  You’ll be asked 3 questions so we can learn a little about you before you’re given access.

There are some GREAT discussions going on right now, and everyone is learning so much from each other’s experiences.

As moderators, Sandy, Robin and I post discussion questions, encourage sharing and exploration, and engage with the group.  Our role is to listen, facilitate, and support.

Our purpose with this group is to empower as many Projectors as possible—because the world needs as many empowered Projectors as it can get!!

Projectors have a vital role to play in the consciousness evolution of humanity.  We need to feel and be SELF-empowered so we can correctly guide others.  And so we can have a great life in the process!  Martyrdom is NOT an option.  😉

>> Click HERE to join the Empowered Projector Movement Group >>


Celebrity Chart: Judy Collins — still going strong at 78!

posted 2017/11/04

The other day I heard on the radio that Judy Collins would be performing in concert with Stephen Stills, and then doing her own concert tour after that. I was intrigued that she was still performing and touring, and wondered how old she was and what gave her such staying power… in an industry that sees so many musical artists come and go.

With the amazing tool of Human Design to help understand how she’s wired energetically, I ran her chart and also looked up some of her history.

It turns out she is 78 (almost exactly a year older than Wayne Dyer would have been), and still going strong!

Her chart gives us great clues about her sustainability, her sensitivity, and what has kept her driven all these years. [continue reading…]

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Article: Waiting… love it or hate it?

Below I look at how each Human Design Type is designed to WAIT in some form (and why that’s so hard sometimes!).  But first I want to share a story.

When I was growing up, my mom always had an African Violet plant or two growing on the kitchen window sill above the sink.  I remember being fascinated by their firm but soft and fuzzy leaves, and their delicate and intensely purple little flowers.  Sometimes she had some with blue or pink flowers.

About a year ago, I finally decided to buy my first African Violet plant and put it on the window sill above my kitchen sink, to remind me of my mom.  I really miss her and liked the idea of seeing that plant on a daily basis.

It had no flowers, and the leaves were very limp at first as it adjusted to its new home. [continue reading…]


Article: Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Fires. . . What do they mean?

Having recently been side-swiped by powerful Hurricane Irma (I’m in central Florida near Atlantic coast, and we received a few nasty wind/rain bands but were spared the brunt of its force), I felt more exhausted from the tension of the pre-storm uncertainty than from the actual preparations and storm’s battering itself.  As a consequence of all the recent hurricane activity, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to all recent turbulence near and far.

Major hurricanes in the Caribbean/Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, major earthquakes in Mexico, devastating fires in the northwest — and that’s just in North America!  What does all of this mean?  Is there a meaning to it, or are these simply random acts of nature?

I don’t have concrete answers to these questions, but I have found some comfort and understanding by looking to Human Design for insights, as well as to nature herself. [continue reading…]


Article: Are You Ready for the Coming Changes?

Human Design’s 2027 “Solar Plexus Mutation” is only 10 years away now. It predicts significant shifts in how we operate personally, in relationships and in community.

How we do business will change.  How we eat, how we bond with each other, and the functioning of our governments and other support structures will change.  Because WE will be changing—from the inside out.

Bottom line:  Change is coming, and it’s already begun.

Massive changes like these take time.  They don’t happen overnight.  They start decades before and take many decades after, to fully integrate and fully play out. [continue reading…]

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Article: NOT an Excuse for Bad Behavior!

A lady recently wrote to me that, unbeknownst to her, her 14 year old son learned from friends that he was a Manifestor type, learned that he was supposed to inform not ask for permission, that he was not supposed to be controlled, that he was not here to work and, apparently, that his Generator mother deserved to be punished for trying to control him.

According to her, this budding young man changed dramatically from a sweet, thoughtful youth into a raging, violent teenager who began physically abusing her. She feared for her safety around him.  He stopped studying for school, was unhappy, unproductive, and angry most of the time.

She blames the Human Design information given to him for this radical shift in her son. [continue reading…]