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Article: Are You Ready for the Coming Changes?

Human Design’s 2027 “Solar Plexus Mutation” is only 10 years away now. It predicts significant shifts in how we operate personally, in relationships and in community.

How we do business will change.  How we eat, how we bond with each other, and the functioning of our governments and other support structures will change.  Because WE will be changing—from the inside out.

Bottom line:  Change is coming, and it’s already begun.

Massive changes like these take time.  They don’t happen overnight.  They start decades before and take many decades after, to fully integrate and fully play out.

Doesn’t it seem like things are getting crazier every day?  It’s part of the shift.

We see evidence in the news every single day of positive progress, plus evidence of the inevitable backlash that always accompanies change.

Here’s the most important (and most urgent) question:  Are YOU ready?

And the next question is:  What can each of us DO to BE ready and help ease the transition for all?

The answer is actually quite straightforward.  Like they tell us on every airline flight… in case of emergency, put your own oxygen mask on first, then help others.

It starts with YOU.

The good news is that most of us (and you are reading this so that obviously includes you!) have been doing our inner work for some time now.  Raising our awareness, our vibration, our intentionality, our embracing of diversity, our connection to Source, our trust in the perfect unfolding of everything around us.

But there may be a few key pieces missing.

Do you TRULY know who you are and how you can BEST function and thrive in your life?  Do you understand how your personal energy works and how relationship energy dynamics work?

Do you know HOW to make decisions correctly for YOU?

There is actually a personalized and very specific decision process for each of us.  And it lines up our choices and actions with the Truth of Who We Are and with the fulfillment of our Soul’s Purpose.

Making choices in alignment with our natural, unique energy configuration and our Soul’s Purpose is the surest and fastest way to create flow, fulfillment and success in our lives and to be prepared to thrive during (and well beyond) the shifts that are underway. 

For good, aligned decisions, you need to know:

  • Who you are: your role, style and personality
  • How YOU are designed make decisions correctly
  • Why you do what you do (and how to shift behaviors that aren’t working for you)
  • How you are wired for relationships, business, health and resiliency

My passion is helping people with ALL of those points above.  And my particular talent is making the information easy to understand and apply.

If you are ready to step into full alignment with your Soul’s Purpose and your personal path in this lifetime, then you are ready for a professional Human Design Reading to illuminate your energetic blueprint and how you can achieve alignment on an ongoing basis.  Learn more about Human Design Readings HERE.

Thriving through these changes begins with you.  Humanity NEEDS for you and as many people as possible to be aware, aligned, activated, and operating from a love basis and an abundance paradigm… so we can mid-wife this magnificent transition of humans into fully integrated and loving beings.

But this shift won’t happen all by itself.  It needs us.  Every one of us.

You don’t need to do anything “big.”  You just need to start with you.

Thank you for BEING you.


Article: NOT an Excuse for Bad Behavior!

A lady recently wrote to me that, unbeknownst to her, her 14 year old son learned from friends that he was a Manifestor type, learned that he was supposed to inform not ask for permission, that he was not supposed to be controlled, that he was not here to work and, apparently, that his Generator mother deserved to be punished for trying to control him.

According to her, this budding young man changed dramatically from a sweet, thoughtful youth into a raging, violent teenager who began physically abusing her. She feared for her safety around him.  He stopped studying for school, was unhappy, unproductive, and angry most of the time.

She blames the Human Design information given to him for this radical shift in her son.

She had not heard of Human Design at that point and had no idea what was happening. She has since learned of it, had both their charts run, and began to piece things together.

In my view, receiving incomplete or not age-appropriate Human Design information may not fully explain what happened in this particular case.  The transition into teenage years alone can produce dramatic (though usually temporary) personality changes without any influence from Human Design information!  And there could be other factors at work as well.

But there is an important point here about being mindful, responsible and appropriate in how we share this information with others.

The mother asked in her email whether it was responsible of HD practitioners and people who post online to share this kind of information (about Manifestors, in her case).  She even asked if it is appropriate to tell 70% of the population that they were slaves because of their type [Generators and Manifesting Generators]!  Apparently, this is something she read or heard when learning about Human Design.  I was horrified that someone might have said or written that.  It is never appropriate to categorize any type as destined to be slaves. 

I responded to her email privately but also wanted to share her story with everyone because it brings up some very important issues that are worthy of discussion and appropriate action.

I ask you ALL to be careful and responsible in how, when, and with whom you share information about Human Design, particularly about others’ designs if you are not a trained practitioner.

Believe me, I totally understand the enthusiasm and zeal we can feel when we first learn about this system and about our own charts, and how much we want everyone to learn about it, too.  I felt the same way!

But it clearly can have unexpected and potentially disturbing consequences under certain circumstances if not shared responsibly.

For example, you can tell mature Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector Types that they are not designed to work in the same way as defined Sacral Types, and they will understand it in a practical yet abstract way. If they look back on times in their lives when they struggled to “keep up” or made choices that were not in alignment with their energy type and it didn’t work out the way they had hoped, they can relate that to not using their energy correctly.  And they can use this awareness to make healthy choices moving forward.

But if you tell a young Projector or Manifestor or Reflector that they are not designed to work, and you don’t give them the full picture and description of what that really means, you could potentially give them a distorted view of themselves and their capacity to be effective and successful in their life, which could undermine their full expression and negatively affect the choices they make in their lives.

There are many other ways that HD information could possibly be shared inappropriately or be misinterpreted.  For that matter, any information, scientific, esoteric, or otherwise, can be used and applied inappropriately or incorrectly.

The gift of Human Design is the knowledge of how to make our life experience more authentic and more satisfying, and how we can be the full contribution to the world that we are magnificently designed for.  It can help us bring forth and express our highest potential.

That’s something that a casual dabbler or someone new to Human Design wouldn’t necessarily be able to do.  Because of this I do recommend a private reading with a trained and certified practitioner, to get the most benefit and most accurate and uplifting interpretation of Human Design.

Find a practitioner with whom you resonate! I invite you to consider professional readings with me, and there are many other qualified practitioners.  I also offer free Human Design charts which come with a free report about decision making.


Quick Tip: Gate 16 – Logic, Enthusiasm and More

Human Design describes and uses 64 archetypes of behavior and expression, called Gate energies (which map directly to the 64 hexagrams of the I’Ching).  The Gates show the broad range of possible expression of being alive.  On our personal Human Design charts, they appear as the specific energies imprinted on us related to our birth.

Every being on the planet has some combination of these 64 Gates “defined” (colored in on your chart) which means those energies are important themes and consistent for you.

Please remember though, we ALL “have” ALL of the possible energies of the chart—whether they are defined or undefined on your particular chart.  What is defined is consistent for us; what is undefined is inconsistent but we still experience it.

The Gate 16 is called the Gate of Skills and it exhibits enthusiasm.  Part of the logical circuitry, it likes to experiment and to develop and hone skills through repetition and practice.

The 16 is the eagerness that gets you excited about new endeavors but it lacks depth unless paired with the Gate 48.  If you have both defined, you have the Channel of Talent—the 16-48.

Here is what’s key about the 16:  it likes to leap out and get going without a lot of preparation.  It’s a creative, enthusiastic, “shoot from the hip” energy.  It develops skills through practice, but sometimes lacks patience for the process.

So if you know people who have the Gate 16 defined in their charts, you have two choices.  You can judge them for their enthusiastic activity and “surface” approach to things.  OR, or you can appreciate their excitement, enjoy their enthusiasm, learn from their experimenting and their pattern-finding talent, and respect their ultimate drive for mastery.

If one person has the Gate 16 defined and another person has the Gate 48 defined, together they define the Channel of Talent which can make for a dynamic relationship in which they both balance each other’s energy.

  • The 16 will bring the 48 out of their immersion in depth and their feelings of inadequacy and help them bring forth the 48’s solutions and deep understandings.
  • The 48 will help ground and slow down the 16 with a foundation of depth and support, and provide direction for the 16’s development of skills.

Together they bring creative talent and practical solutions into the world.



Celebrity Chart: Wayne Dyer – powerful world influencer

Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer, who passed in 2015, had a remarkable and lasting impact on our world particularly in the areas of self-help and spiritual growth. He was a Projector Type, and I had great fun looking at his chart (see Chart Review section below) to see what was in his inherent energetic design that he leveraged so effectively.
photo by Phil Konstantin



Wayne Walter Dyer (May 10, 1940 – August 30, 2015) was an American philosopher, author and motivational speaker. His first book, Your Erroneous Zones (1976), is one of the best-selling books of all time, with an estimated 35 million copies sold to date.

In addition to the many works he produced that are described below, he had three marriages, six children and 2 stepchildren. He was a busy guy!


Remainder of this Background section is from:  http://www.drwaynedyer.com/about-dr-wayne-dyer/

WAYNE W. DYER was an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-developmentDr. Wayne Dyer and spiritual growth. Over the four decades of his career, he wrote more than 40 books, including 21 New York Times bestsellers. He created many audio and video programs, and appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.

He starred in 10 National Public Television specials—featuring his books Manifest Your Destiny, Wisdom of the Ages, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and the New York Times bestsellers 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, The Power of Intention, Inspiration, Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life, Excuses Begone!Wishes Fulfilled, and I Can See Clearly Now—which raised over $250 million for public television.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Dyer held a doctorate in educational counseling from Wayne State University and had served as an associate professor at St. John’s University in New York. Through his early work in college-level teaching and clinical psychology, he discovered a widespread need for the principles of self-discovery and personal growth, and sought to bring these ideas to a wider audience. His first book for general readers, Your Erroneous Zones, published in 1976, became an international bestseller and launched his career as an author and speaker.

After publishing a string of best-selling books on the practical psychology of self-improvement, Dyer felt a shift occur in his thinking that led him to explore the spiritual aspects of human experience. “My purpose is to help people look at themselves and begin to shift their concepts,” he said. “Remember, we are not our country, our race, or religion. We are eternal spirits. Seeing ourselves as spiritual beings without label is a way to transform the world and reach a sacred place for all of humanity.”

Dyer was affectionately called the “father of motivation” by his fans. Despite a childhood spent in orphanages and foster homes, he overcame many obstacles to make his dreams come true and spent much of his life showing others how to do the same. His main message was that every person has the potential to live an extraordinary life. What’s more, it’s possible for every person to manifest their deepest desires—if they honor their inner divinity and consciously choose to live from their “Highest Self.”

When not traveling the globe delivering his uplifting words, Dyer wrote from his home in Maui—enjoying the beauty of nature, his swims with the sea creatures, and happy visits from his children and grandchildren. In 2015, he left his body, returning to Infinite Source to embark on his next adventure.



Below is Wayne’s Human Design chart and my audio recording of a quick overview of his chart.  The recording is not intended to be a thorough Reading –I could talk for several hours about his chart!  I’ve simply pulled key aspects of his chart that really illuminate why he was the way he was.  And there are NO surprises here!


Here is the recording of my quick Chart Review of Wayne Dyer’s Human Design chart.  Click the play arrow to listen now, or click the download link to listen later.  Enjoy!

Right CLICK HERE to download MP3

P.S.  I teach a course specifically for helping Projectors step into their power and purpose, called Success for ProjectorsLearn more HERE

Success for Projectors telecourse – detailed course outline

Yay!! I’m very excited about teaching this course live again. The course will begin on Sept. 15.  To learn more and register, click here:  https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/success-for-projectors

While the course has lots of slides and data and examples, it is also a transformational course.

The core transformational intention and commitment for the Success for Projectors telecourse
is to help Projectors accept, value and leverage their Projector-ness.

That may not sound of much importance to some, but I know many of you can already see and feel the huge potential impact of this in your lives.

The second core intention is to help those who love or work with a Projector
to accept, value and leverage that Projector’s Projector-ness,
and for them to help that Projector value their own Projector-ness. 
( I hope that made sense.)

This second core intention is how we spread the transformation exponentially.  And it’s why non-Projectors are warmly and whole-heartedly welcomed into this course, too!

I’m also VERY practical and am committed to providing usable knowledge in this course that really makes a difference.

I’m a deep believer that the more each Human Design Type embraces and lives their Type and Strategy, the better place this world will be.

And since I am a Projector, my focus is with Projectors.  And invite EVERYONE to come play with us!

Below is an outline of the Success for Projectors course, with a sampling of the issues that we will “dance with”, explore together, and create solutions for in each major area of a successful life. 

***This is NOT a complete outline***  It’s just meant to give you a sense of the types of issues we’ll cover in each of the five Modules.

Module 1 – Introduction to Projectors; Role and Purpose of the Projector

A.  Successfully playing the “game of life” as a Projector

B.  Dealing with the “bossy, controlling, know-it-all” Projector image; what to do if others perceive you as this

C.  What it means (and doesn’t mean) to manage, guide and direct others; how to do it correctly energetically

D.  Projector energy in a Generator world

E.  How to “know yourself” even though you’re not designed to

F.  How to cope with (or avoid) bitterness, isolation and feeling misunderstood

G.  How to “be a lighthouse” and let your aura speak

H.  The Projector’s vital role in human and planetary evolution, and how to gracefully step into and fulfill that role


Module 2 – Decisions and Actions for the Projector

A.  Why Type and Strategy are so important for ALL Types; and why for Projectors in particular

B.  How life becomes “effortless” when living from your Self (vs. efforting from your Not-Self)

C.  Living from your body, not your mind; learning to trust yourself; how your strategy and response differ from a Sacral strategy and response

D.  What “waiting to be invited” really means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to use it; how to “stack the deck” in your favor as a Projector

E.  Freeing the Projector to be the fullest expression of their uniqueness

F.  Projector consequences of following strategy vs. not following strategy

G.  How to leverage your time and energy while waiting for the invitations

H.  What to do after you get an invitation

I.   There are no “Projector Police” — experiment!

J.   What if an invitation was correct, you entered it correctly, and it still didn’t work out???

K.  What gets in the Projector’s way of following their strategy


Module 3 – Money, Business and Wealth Strategy for Projectors

A.  How to navigate the world of business as a Projector

B.  Why you need to heal the burnout FIRST

C.  How to get more clients and/or move your career forward; marketing for the Projector

D.  How to get recognition correctly, and why you need it

E.  How to be “inconsistent” as a Projector, and still be successful

F.  How attract followers and let your tribe find you (rather than you try to find them)

G.  How to leverage you time, energy and brilliance

H.  How the Projector’s long term planning should differ from Sacral Types

I.  How your beliefs affect what you attract into your experience; avoid stinkin’ thinkin’


Module 4 – Relationships for and with Projectors

A.  How Projector energy affects others (it’s not personal!)

B.  Is sleeping alone really important?

C.  Not knowing when enough is enough, and how that affects relationships

D.  Communicating effectively

E.  Tips for healthy relationships as a Projector

1.  How to live/work with other Types

2.  How to manifest a partner

3.  How to disengage/end a relationship/quit a job

4.  How to have the people in your life not feel “managed” by you

5.  How to get invitations/recognition/attention appropriately

 F.  Tips for others in relationship with a Projector

1.  How to respect the Projector’s energy and alone time

2.  How to bring out the best in Projectors

3.  What to do when you feel “managed” by a Projector

4.  Inviting and recognizing Projectors; keeping harmony

G.  Projectors as parents, as children, as bosses, co-workers, etc.

H.  Projector relationship with Self, and with Higher Power


Module 5 – Health, Balance and Self-Care as a Projector

A.  Projector characteristics that impact health and well-being

B.  Healing the burnout

C.  How to stay out of “life as an exhausting struggle”

D.  How to release the energy of others (to restore your energy “integrity”)

E.  The keys to being resilient as a Projector

F.  Mistaken motivations and predictable behavior issues

G.  Great self-care ideas


To learn more about the course and register, click here:  https://www.humandesignforsuccess.com/success-for-projectors

Quick Tip: The Blessing (and Curse) of Gate 18

The Gate 18 is part of the Understanding sub-circuit within the Collective Circuitry of the Human Design chart. So it is all about logic and patterns, and serving the greater good.  For our purposes here, it doesn’t matter if it’s black, red, or black and red checkered in a chart.Gate 18 visual

So, what’s the problem with Gate 18?

The “problem” lies in how this energy gets expressed.

First, the blessing of it. It is a brilliant energy to have… truly an asset. It is called “correction” and it allows a person to perceive what is “off” in a pattern.  It’s great for any kind of diagnostic work, including editing as well as diagnosing symptoms, troubleshooting, etc.

This is the high expression of it, which is great.  But there is a low expression of it (as there is for every energy in the chart).  There is also a timing issue with it.

Either or both of these can reveal the “curse” of this energy. (I use quotes because I don’t believe in curses or inherently negative energies, but this energy can be very uncomfortable or irritating for the person on the receiving end and therefore can be a challenging energy in relationships).

Let me explain.

Gate 18 is not a generated energy (it’s not connected to the Sacral Center) nor a manifested energy (it’s not connected to the Throat Center via a motor-related channel).

So it is a PROJECTED energy.  Which means that the expression of it needs to be asked for or recognized before it can be truly heard and valued.

That is the timing issue.  Correction energy needs to be ASKED FOR before being shared. If not, the person receiving it can feel judged or criticized… which is usually not the intent of the person with the Gate 18.  They usually genuinely want to be of help to the other person.  But their good intentions don’t come across well if they are not waiting for the right timing–the right energetic opening or a request for their input.

The low expression of the Gate 18 is correction energy that comes out as judgment and criticism.  It’s a tendency to always find fault, always point out what is wrong.  Never feel satisfied, never find the perfection you seek.


If you have the Gate 18 defined (colored in your chart):

  • Deliberately choose to focus on what is right.  You will always be aware of what is wrong but you don’t have to focus your attention on it.
  • Wait to be ASKED for your corrections.  You are a tremendous asset to those who are ready to hear the corrections you offer.  But if they are not asking, don’t tell.
  • If they are not asking, you could say something like, “I have a suggestion that might be helpful to you… would it be alright if I share it with you?”  You’re essentially asking for permission.  If they say yes, then you have their attention and they are more likely to hear you and appreciate your contribution.  But the best time to share your corrections is when they take the initiative to ask for your observations and suggestions.

If you are around someone who has the Gate 18 defined:

  • Recognize the potential value they bring to you, and ASK for their input.
  • Don’t take it personally if their correction energy feels like criticism.
  • Don’t take it personally if they are never satisfied, if nothing is ever perfect for them.
  • Don’t take it personally if they tell you what to do, even though you haven’t asked.
  • Did I mention to not take it personally???


Your comments (and corrections!) are welcome.  😉

Quick Tip: When Logic Isn’t “Predictable”

In a recent advanced Human Design class I’m taking, we had a wonderful discussion I wanted to share with you about the Logic Circuitry in the chart and our human fascination with predictability.

The Logic Circuit (more formally referred to as the Understanding Circuit) is part of the Collective Circuit Group in the Human Design chart.

Collective Circuitry is about humanity as a whole and the “greater good.”  Its theme is SHARING.

The Logic Circuit within it is all about LOGIC and patterns.  It questions, probes, tests and refines our understanding of patterns which help us predict the future, and thus survive as a species.  When A combines with B, it produces C.  When we plant crops in the spring, they grow and produce a harvest.  When we plant crops in the winter, they die.

You get the idea.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  Although there are three ways of “knowing” in the archetype of humanity as seen via the chart, Logic is the one that dominates our western cultures and gives us science, the scientific method of inquiry, and our mechanistic view of the world.

The other two ways of “knowing” — sensing (experiencing, feeling, and reflecting on our experiences and the past) and simply knowing (you don’t know how you know something, you just know it) — are unfortunately far less valued in our current cultures.

Logic tries to know the “unknown.”  It tries to predict.  It wants practical answers and logical solutions. It plans for emergencies.  It has contingency plans for contingency plans. Above all, it loves certainty and abhors the unpredictable.

Logic Circuit

Logic Circuit

Those of us with gates and especially with channels in this Circuit can have a strong focus on planning and tend to be uncomfortable with the unknown.  When A plus B does not produce C, they might freak out.  When the pattern doesn’t hold and something unpredictable happens, they really struggle to cope and try desperately to make sense of it.

But life IS unpredictable at times.  We can’t plan for all contingencies (though we can make ourselves crazy trying!).

The only antidote for this craziness of the Logic Circuit is to MAKE PEACE WITH THE UNKNOWN AND THE UNPREDICTABLE.  Accept that you can’t know everything.  Allow for surprises, miracles and mysteries.

The only way to do that is to TRUST.

Trust the universe.  Trust the perfect unfolding and perfect timing of everything.  Trust that we don’t need to control or even know what will happen next.  Trust that all really is well and everything will work out.

Sounds “new-agey,” I know.  It is.

The dominance of Logic on the planet is shifting and our addiction to predictability must being broken (or else lots of us will be crazy and miserable).

If you can’t yet trust the woo-woo stuff, then trust Quantum Physics which shows us “scientifically” that things ARE unpredictable and are NOT always logical.

Quantum Physics is the harbinger of our evolved understanding of the universe and of the evolution of our human consciousness.

Welcome to the future.


Quick Spotlight: How Human Design Helped My Mom-in-Law

First, technically she’s not my mother-in-law because her son Charlie and I aren’t married.  But he and I have been together for more than 20 years and she is absolutely family to me so I consider her my mom-in-law.

Her husband (my dad-in-law) passed away last August and her declining physical and cognitive function have led us to find an assisted living facility near us for her to live in.

When Charlie and his brothers made that decision, they discussed how and when to approach her with this news.  They weren’t sure if telling her right away was best or if waiting until just before the move would be better.  Charlie asked for my suggestions (it’s always wise to ask a Projector for suggestions!).

I consulted her Human Design chart.

She is a 4/1 Profile, called the Opportunist Investigator.  Both parts of her Profile–the 4 and the 1–are foundational which means they are fixed and like stability and predictability.

The 4 (called the 4th Line) likes to get to the foundation of relationships, likes to establish a basic bond of friendship and connection first, and likes to move from one known and stable relationship to the next known and stable relationship.  Fourth Lines don’t like the limbo space between relationships and they are uncomfortable without stability in their lives.

The 1 (called the 1st Line) is investigative by nature.  They like a foundation of data about something before they try anything new.  And they can feel very insecure without that informational foundation.

So my suggestions for Charlie were simple and clear:  tell her as soon as possible, repeat it often (because of her short-term memory challenges), and give her as much information and as many photos as possible before she gets there.

As we discussed it, Charlie commented that his mom had always said “no” when approached with anything new.  After some time she usually warmed up to an idea or plan, but her initial reaction to anything new had always been “no.”

Totally consistent with her Profile.

We knew she wouldn’t love the move to assisted living, but giving her time to get used to the idea and learn more about it before it happened was definitely the most loving and compassionate way we could let her know about it.


Example of how Type & Strategy can make/break marriage & business [case study]

It’s easy for me to talk about the power of using Type and Strategy in our lives (I’m a bit biased, of course!), but it makes the most sense when we can hear how it really impacts other people in their lives.

So I thought I’d share a quick story with you about Karen and Sergio and how they used their Types and Strategies to improve their marriage (of 27 years) and their business.

When Karen came to me for a Reading, she was struggling. She and her husband run a gallery together… he is the artist and she manages the business.

  • She was worn out from the daily operations of being at the gallery every day
  • She wasn’t using her true brilliance for strategically increasing their business
  • They were irritated with each other from the whole process

First, we focused on her. She is a Manifestor so she is designed to initiate things and get the ball rolling, but not to do all the work of implementing and follow through.

As Karen learned her Type and Strategy, she realized that it wasn’t correct for her, energetically, to work “in” the gallery and she was much more effective (and happier) when she worked “on” the gallery with her innovative ideas.

So she started delegating more to their employee and spending less time there. And her husband, the artist, started spending more time in the gallery which felt good to him and the customers loved being able to meet and talk with the artist himself.

Their pattern for implementing ideas to grow the gallery’s business had been that she would enthusiastically share a new idea with him (maybe a new painting style, new subject matter, or different arrangement of the gallery), and he would begin the process of shifting his work and moving things around to implement her idea.

But within no time, she would have several new ideas and be eager to implement those instead. She’s a Manifestor so that approach of “throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks” is correct for her. She’s designed to have lots of ideas and start things.

But Sergio, who is a Projector, was exhausted from trying to keep up with her ideas. He had energetic whiplash from the speed of her frequent changes in direction! And it was a source of friction and frustration for both of them.

As they understood the dynamics of their different Types and Strategies, they realized that he could simply wait until some of her ideas “stuck to the wall” before he began implementing. And she agreed to “invite” him to implement an idea only when she felt good and clear about pursuing that particular idea.

They were so excited (and grateful) to have simple and sensible solutions to their issues. Their respective Types and Strategies were honored. And above all, the solutions felt inherently right to both of them.

Also, by her own admission, Karen said that the core Manifestor strategy of “informing before acting” had literally changed her life!

Now, they did both have personal Readings with me, plus a Relationship Reading, but here’s the point I want to drive home:

What had the greatest impact for them was simply knowing their basic Type and Strategy… which is ALL found in my Success by TYPE courses.

You can learn more about the Courses:


P.S.  We’re not all meant to succeed in the same way.  What works for one person won’t work for another.  Learn more

Quick Tip: You Don’t Have to “Go it Alone”

Human Design shows us that only a very few of us (less than 9% – the Manifestors) don’t NEED others to make things happen in the world.  This also means that the large majority of us are DESIGNED for interactions and relationships.  And even Manifestors love and interact with others… they just don’t NEED them.

Even Hermits (2/4, 2/5, 6/2, and 6/2 Profiles) are designed to be “called out” of their hermit-ness for the built-in, natural balance of solitude and human interactions that they need to thrive in their lives.

Okay, so we live in a matrix of interactions with each other.  So why do we feel so alone sometimes? Maybe even abandoned by friends, family, loved ones, God… especially when we need them most?

My theory is that we isolate ourselves because we feel broken and unworthy.

Here again, Human Design “rescues” us by showing us that we’re NOT broken, we’re just different from each other.  And that we are ALL inherently valuable, lovable, and magnificent… without needing to prove ourselves in any way.

So, reaching out to our fellow humans for support is what we’re supposed to do.  It’s how we’re designed to thrive.

PLUS, it turns out we also have a plethora of non-physical beings and energies who are infinitely ready, willing, able, and eager to help us!

Who knew???  Some of you did, I’m sure.  I’ve been slow to come around to accepting this, probably due to the strong logic energies in my chart.  😉

The person who really turned this around for me is Kimberly Wright. She is a beautiful and deeply wise energy healer, channel and spiritual guide.  In my work with her (she had Human Design Readings from me, and I had energy healing and channeling sessions from her), I have come to understand and finally embrace that we are not alone.

This was, essentially, the really fun topic of two free teleclasses that Kimberly and I did together: “Connecting with Your Guides and Trusting Your Intuition.”  We talked about Spirit Guides, angels, intuition, inner guidance, and how all of this meshes with Human Design!  It was fascinating and so illuminating.  We did lots of Q&A to address everyone’s questions about these topics, too.

We’re not sure how long we’ll have these available, so I encourage you to sign up for access to the recordings of these two teleclasses right away.

Not only will you come away with new insights and understandings, you may even learn to access your own unseen support team directly!  And you’ll never have to feel alone again.

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"I have found Human Design to be THE best personality assessment tool I’ve ever used, and I’ve had them all! HD differs from the others because it has taught me what I was born with—the way I was before society and parents tried...

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